Definition of hit list in English:

hit list

Pronunciation /ˈhit ˌlist/ /ˈhɪt ˌlɪst/

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  • 1A list of people to be killed for criminal or political reasons.

    ‘her lover may be on the killer’s hit list’
    • ‘To Daycan's mind she muttered: ‘All the people on my hit list have reasons for my revenge.’’
    • ‘The famous quote that ‘if they have a hit list, I too have one’ is attributed to Mr. Ribeiro.’
    • ‘Police say Carl Williams is a likely suspect on the gangland hit list, and have offered him police protection, which he has refused.’
    • ‘He would have probably still been secretly writing his hit list with her name on top if he hadn't driven her home that night.’
    • ‘He suggests that there's a hit list targeting politicians.’
    • ‘As a result of that we've been informed that we are on the terrorists' hit list, or death list.’
    • ‘This case was started when an abortion doctor was killed and within hours his name was crossed off the hit list.’
    • ‘Naxalites should announce that all kidnappers will be on their hit list.’
    • ‘Standing up Seth slid out of the seat intending to search for the subject at the top of his hit list.’
    • ‘Suddenly, this man jumped to the top of my hit list, finally toppling Richard Whitely from the number one spot.’
    • ‘Already hit lists are circulating among the civilian populations of the zone warning certain people to leave if they want to stay alive.’
    • ‘The Telegraph reported that it had obtained a copy of the diary and could find no reference to death threats or hit lists.’
    • ‘Writer Holy Sklar comments: ‘A hit list that starts with court judges and ends with etcetera is a mighty broad license for murder.’’
    • ‘The Burke Group claims a 96 per cent strike rate in fighting 700 union recognition campaigns, although its hit list is entirely American.’
    • ‘It's funny until you're the one who's on her hit list.’
    • ‘His name was discovered on a Nazi hit list after the war.’
    • ‘Other government ministers are also believed on the rebel hit list.’
    • ‘Basildon was on the hit list that came out after The Daily News press was blown up inexplicably.’
    • ‘Some people at home could become very rich people if he makes a copy of somebody on the bookies hit list.’
    1. 1.1A list of people or things selected as the object of a certain treatment or course of action.
      ‘her hit list of priorities were ones she said were shared by the community’
      • ‘The goods on the EU's hit list mainly target America's agricultural sector, not its industry sector.’
      • ‘The NHS is just one of the organisations on their hit list.’
      • ‘Roquefort was on the hit list, along with other French gourmet goodies such as foie gras, truffles, Breton shallots, and mustard.’
      • ‘On September 28th he had drawn up what amounted to a hit list of people to be sacked or transferred and presented it to his secretary of state, Cardinal Villot.’
      • ‘There was disbelief that Cravenside - a purpose-built flagship home just 16 years old - was included on the hit list.’
      • ‘Council and police chiefs were going to court to seek an interim ASBO in a bid to control the behaviour of the teenager who became the most wanted offender on a burglary squad's hit list.’
      • ‘Campaigners' worst fears came true this week when Post Office Ltd confirmed that all the branches on its hit list would shut.’
      • ‘Mr Prentice has been named in a top 10 hit list of MPs they want to defeat in marginal constituencies.’
      • ‘Illegal parking outside schools is the next target on Witham police's zero tolerance hit list.’
      • ‘People who leave bin bags in back alleys on any day but collection day are also on the council's hit list as part of its zero tolerance campaign against litter.’
      • ‘It is a magnet for fly tipping and arson attacks and has been put on a hit list of problem sites drawn up by Nelson councillors last month.’
      • ‘Today the Citizen launches a campaign to rid the roads of rubbish, with fag ends and chewing gum top of our hit list.’
      • ‘Post offices in Kew and Richmond have appeared on a hit list of those likely to close in the near future.’
      • ‘Two Wimbledon addresses have appeared on a May Day hit list of companies highlighted by anarchists as targets for possible protest action.’
      • ‘Old cookers, microwaves and washing machines are among the latest items on the recycling hit list.’
      • ‘Scarborough was placed on an NHS "hit list" of trusts to be subjected to spot checks last year after the Department of Health first become concerned.’
      • ‘With this in mind, we have drawn up a hit list of executive directors who are surplus to requirements and should bow out gracefully.’
      • ‘The coffee chain has been top of anti-capitalist hit lists for the past few years, with outlets targeted by violent demonstrators.’