Definition of hit the hay in English:

hit the hay


  • Go to bed.

    • ‘The weekend was finished off in the best way possible, with Amelia sleeping soundly from 8pm until 1am and me hitting the hay at 9.’
    • ‘Our houseguest hit the hay at one and I went up to sleep.’
    • ‘I plan to go for a few beers down the local pub before hitting the hay.’
    • ‘Whenever you wear make-up, you should always remember to wash it all off before hitting the hay.’
    • ‘We settled down to watch some more mindless pap on the TV until it was time to hit the hay.’
    • ‘Well, it's getting late and I need to hit the hay.’
    • ‘We got home safely, sat chatting for a while over steaming mugs of tea and then hit the hay for a couple of hours.’
    • ‘My days started and ended early, with the clinic recommending that guests hit the hay by 9pm.’
    • ‘He's making his usual to-do list before hitting the hay.’
    • ‘I'll usually check my email once more before hitting the hay at night.’