Definition of hit the sack in English:

hit the sack


  • Go to bed.

    • ‘I know there was no wound on my wrist before hitting the sack because upon retiring I took off my watch and did not observe any blemish in the left wrist area.’
    • ‘We went for another waltz down ‘Da Street’ before hitting the sack, only stopping for one last drink at a beachside bar where an Elvis impersonater was performing.’
    • ‘Got home around 12:30 or so, played around on the computer for a bit, then finished up Charlotte's Web before hitting the sack.’
    • ‘But I am sleepy right now and I will be hitting the sack.’
    • ‘Watching them play last night was a nice way to end the day before hitting the sack with a smile.’
    • ‘Anyhow, I'm also cold and it's really late, so I'm going to do some reading, get through the exciting parts of The Moonstone, and hit the sack.’
    • ‘Man oh man, he kept talkin’ about some Model T Ford and all I wanted was to hit the sack.’
    • ‘Perhaps this headache had something to do with the fact that I hit the sack at 7:30 pm last night and slept for the entire night - double my usual night's sleep.’
    • ‘Late in the evening, when I announced I was ready to hit the sack, Graham asked: ‘How are you feeling after your restful day?’’
    • ‘Anyhow, I want to do some reading before I hit the sack.’
    • ‘By the time we hit the sack, it was after two in the morning.’
    • ‘After his long 11-hour workday you'd think Lipani would hit the sack.’
    • ‘I work so hard all day long that when I finally get to get upstairs, I'm ready to hit the sack or just settle in and read.’
    • ‘Having got that off my chest, I am going to have a shower, and hit the sack.’
    • ‘Last night we only hit the sack around 3am, and tonight could be a late one.’
    • ‘Well reckon I should hit the sack else I won't be able to get up tomorrow!’
    • ‘Would you like a hot chocolate before hitting the sack, Harley?’
    • ‘Once the two were out of hearing range, Stacy turned to Jen and asked, ‘So you hitting the sack with Michael or what?’’
    • ‘I recommend you clean your face with a scrubbing gel in the morning before going to work or at night before hitting the sack.’
    • ‘Post-dinner, I decided to catch up with some reading before hitting the sack.’
    go to bed, retire, go to one's room, call it a day, go to sleep
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