Definition of hit the scene in English:

hit the scene

(US make the scene)


  • Arrive; appear.

    ‘the series has done obscenely well since it first hit the scene’
    • ‘Once the paramedics hit the scene, things calmed down a little.’
    • ‘With a new crop of players about to hit the scene, we hopefully have exciting times ahead.’
    • ‘Low-fat diets worked like a charm when they first hit the scene, too.’
    • ‘The artist has had a seminal influence on the development of modern Irish music, since he first hit the scene in Dublin in the 1960s.’
    • ‘It hit the scene in the early eighties and went on to become the longest running musical on New York's Broadway and London's West End.’
    • ‘I don't know whether it was summer or autumn of 1963 that music really hit the scene.’
    • ‘Now, as international agreements hit the scene, the accountability question becomes cloudy.’
    • ‘Formula 1 really hit the scene in 1970's with TV Coverage live on the BBC.’
    • ‘Go back 100 years, before the safety razor hit the scene, and every man was expected to expose his neck to an edge he had sharpened himself.’
    • ‘One of the trendiest looks to hit the scene this year is wearing sneakers with a suit.’