Definition of Hitler salute in English:

Hitler salute

Pronunciation /ˈhitlər səˈlo͞ot/ /ˈhɪtlər səˈlut/


another term for Nazi salute
‘The employee then said he made a gesture with his arm which he took to be the Hitler salute.’
another term for Nazi salute
  • ‘Heil Hitler salutes they could do to perfection, but their attempts to imitate the goosestep failed utterly.’
  • ‘In Germany itself the authorities are politely asking the local neo-Nazis not to march around giving Hitler salutes during the tournament.’
  • ‘Well, check out these leaked pics of him and his mates doing their Heil Hitler salutes.’
  • ‘A man who taught his dog to raise its right paw in a Hitler salute will not be prosecuted for the pet's trick.’
  • ‘Little children know and give the Hitler salute.’
  • ‘His discussion of the period revolves around the photo of the English team giving the Hitler salute before their 1938 match against Germany in Berlin.’
  • ‘Last year he allegedly gave the stiff-arm Hitler salute to a Hanover airport security guard during an argument.’
  • ‘The door opened; two constables entered and marched up to the table, gave the Heil Hitler salute, did a smart about turn, and saw us.’
  • ‘Those who made a stand did so indirectly, like the physicist who always carried parcels under his arm so as to avoid having to give the Hitler salute.’
  • ‘I guess he isn't actually doing a Hitler salute in this photo, but he still shares the frame with a guy who is.’
  • ‘My arm sprang out like a Hitler salute as I pointed across the water to the Isle of Iona.’
  • ‘Some German fans have greeted their Polish visitors with Hitler salutes.’
  • ‘His book Mein Kampf remains banned in Germany, where the use of Nazi symbols and the Hitler salute are punishable crimes.’
  • ‘In 1938 a young English aristocrat won the German Grand Prix - and gave a Hitler salute on the podium.’