Definition of Hitlerian in English:


Pronunciation /hitˈlerēən/ /hɪtˈlɛriən/


  • 1Relating to or characteristic of Hitler or the policies of the Nazi party.

    ‘a stiff Hitlerian salute’
    • ‘He had always urged the Germans to confront the shameful episode of the Hitlerian Era in their history.’
    • ‘Orwell argued that Stalinist and Hitlerian police state propaganda and ruthless control of the media would be the dominant process.’
    • ‘Hitlerian national socialism centred on the idea of a superior race disposing of any other race or group it deemed inferior.’
    • ‘One has only to read Tacitus to realize that the barbaric extermination of masses of people was not a Hitlerian innovation.’
    1. 1.1Authoritarian or tyrannical.
      ‘this era of Hitlerian anti-smoking zealotry’
      • ‘If you think registering guns is Hitlerian you are ipso facto mentally ill.’
      • ‘He is probably a little surprised by the extent of this reaction and stung by the charges that he is a Hitlerian aggressor.’
      • ‘Since intimidation, a Hitlerian tactic, works, let's have some more.’
      • ‘Establishing a new world order of supranational government is Hitlerian in concept and will need to be Stalinist in execution.’
      • ‘This is eerily Hitlerian too: condemn without evidence, and ask the condemned to prove their innocence.’