Definition of hittable in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhidəbəl/ /ˈhɪdəbəl/


  • 1US (of a pitch or stroke) capable of being hit.

    ‘he might be letting too many hittable balls pass him by’
    • ‘In the past, Pirates hitters have been too eager to hack at the first hittable pitch.’
    • ‘Hitters can succeed against him if they lay off his slow stuff and focus on his hittable 88-mph fastball.’
    • ‘Klesko has showed excellent discipline, taking walks when he gets no hittable pitches.’
    • ‘Just as thick, humid air makes knucklers more effective, the thin air at Coors Field makes them flat and hittable.’
    • ‘Instead of trying to overpower hitters, he throws hittable balls and lets his team's defense do the work.’
    1. 1.1(of a player) making pitches or strokes that are capable of being hit.
      ‘without a doubt, he is the most hittable pitcher in the history of baseball’
      • ‘Donnelly's velocity is down, making him more hittable.’
      • ‘Pavano throws strikes, which, given his relative lack of arm strength, makes him quite hittable.’
      • ‘Both Clemens and Oswalt looked hittable on three days' rest.’
      • ‘In the first half, he had command and confidence problems, which made him one of the most hittable pitchers in baseball.’
      • ‘Martinez still is one of the top pitchers in the game, but he has become increasingly hittable in the late innings.’