Definition of hobble skirt in English:

hobble skirt


  • A style of skirt so narrow at the hem as to impede walking, popular in the 1910s.

    • ‘This sexy hobble skirt has an organza overskirt edged with satin bias binding, giving a floating effect.’
    • ‘In the English era of hobble skirts, saris were wrapped tightly round twice to create the same effect.’
    • ‘Though hobble skirts are less fashionable, they have certainly never gone completely out of style.’
    • ‘Pencil skirts are inspired from hobble skirts that first appeared in the Western fashion world during the 1880's.’
    • ‘Pencil skirts aren't necessarily really tight and hard to walk in like traditional hobble skirts although they can be.’
    • ‘It became famous for designing a hobble skirt which drew the legs closely together as it was so narrow.’
    • ‘Popular at the time were hobble skirts, so named because they severely constricted the ability of the wearer to walk.’
    • ‘The hobble skirts were very easy to rip in the course of a normal stride, therefore women often took to binding their legs together with cord to prevent this.’
    • ‘Although the hobble skirt's popularity didn't last long, skirts stayed relatively narrow.’
    • ‘His harem skirt and the hobble skirt, a floor length pencil skirt with no pleats or slits, would only have been worn by very few women at first but it's impact on the rest of society was lasting with mass production and added pleating, side panels and slits.’