Definition of hobbler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhäb(ə)lər/


See hobble

‘A quick scan around reveals some more hobblers, someone bleeding from his hand and another with a violently scarlet eye.’
  • ‘There is a sprinkling of hobblers, plenty of wincers, and almost universal hollow eyes and messed hair.’
  • ‘Along the river and especially around horseshoe bend you will notice that there are some large bollards on the river banks, these were used by the hobblers to haul the ships by hand.’
  • ‘In the above photograph, the copper ore hoppers and warehouses on the right are already in ruins, and so are many of the houses once occupied by the shipwrights, hobblers and porters.’
  • ‘Henry Lewis, who had been handling around 80 ships a year in the 1870s, found he could only get around 20 jobs a year in the 1880s, and he had to supplement his income by working as a hobbler.’