Definition of hobbyist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhäbēist/ /ˈhɑbiɪst/

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  • A person who pursues a particular hobby.

    ‘a computer hobbyist’
    • ‘The first desktop computers were designed by hobbyists and a few daring entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘Dozens of courses are planned, covering the spectrum from intricate design elements for professionals to pleasure courses for the backyard hobbyist.’
    • ‘In the 90's computer programs developed by hobbyists grew into serious competitors to commercial software.’
    • ‘In 1914 the government had sufficient trust in its citizens to institute a patriotic scheme whereby lathe hobbyists would make fully functioning artillery shells in their garages.’
    • ‘The elegant environment and standard facilities will be not only a training field for professionals but also a base for amateur hobbyists to learn the fundamentals.’
    • ‘Keen brewers, artists, hobbyists and gadget inventors are being urged to start creating products to exhibit in this year's Loxton Show.’
    • ‘This hobby, considered the best teaching aid for learning about the world, helps to keep the hobbyists away from stress and pressure.’
    • ‘The electronics hobbyists are going to love this.’
    • ‘Still, the breeds are being kept alive by dedicated hobbyists who value the birds for their beauty and the satisfaction of raising them.’
    • ‘Remote-controlled drone aircraft are successful, and model hobbyists have been flying them for years.’
    • ‘Making models of airplanes and ships and cars is what many hobbyists do.’
    • ‘Jason and Sam are among thousands of hobbyists who spend their weekends playing combat games.’
    • ‘When she started collecting, there was very little on the market for adult hobbyists.’
    • ‘‘His approach is definitely something most hunters I know would never do,’ says a hunter hobbyist in Idaho.’
    • ‘We cater to both the professional and the hobbyist, selling paint in pints, quarts and gallons for you mural-painters.’
    • ‘His earliest recollection of becoming involved as a hobbyist was when in the early seventies he purchased two pair of border Canaries for his young son Eric.’
    enthusiast, devotee, hobbyist, lover, addict, fan, fanatic