Definition of hod in English:


Pronunciation /häd/ /hɑd/

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  • 1A builder's V-shaped open trough on a pole, used for carrying bricks and other building materials.

    ‘It was like dropping an entire hod of bricks that you've been carrying with you over your shoulder everywhere since you were born.’
    • ‘I've never felt out of place, having picked up a trowel or carried a hod for a living.’
    • ‘A year later Jones left school with no qualifications and drifted into washing pots and pans, hod carrying, and boozing.’
    • ‘Anything just so I don't have to go back on the hod and trowel again!’
    • ‘In single file each shouldering his hod pass onward the laborers;’
    1. 1.1A coal scuttle.
      ‘The pattern is similar to one pictured on a coal hod in the Mersereau catalogue and referred to as the ‘Japanese pattern.’’
      • ‘Relive the colonial past of America with a brass coal hod.’
      • ‘Take care of your ash with a coal hod, ash bucket and coal shovel.’


Late 16th century variant of northern English dialect hot ‘a basket for carrying earth’, from Old French hotte ‘pannier’, probably of Germanic origin.