Main definitions of hoe in English

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  • A long-handled gardening tool with a thin metal blade, used mainly for weeding.

    • ‘In a sandy field of half-grown cassava plants, a group of 30 farmers were fighting a plague of locusts with long-handled weeding hoes and improvised brushes.’
    • ‘Traditional garden hoes with updated design refinements make weeding easier while minimally disturbing the soil.’
    • ‘Winter weeds are wimps, so you can weed with a hoe instead of a spade.’
    • ‘The garden hoe is used for chopping weeds so they don't grow back and for spreading soil in the garden.’
    • ‘The best hoes for weeding have sharply angled blades which slide along or just under the soil surface.’
    • ‘A hoe is another fine tool no garden - or gardener - should be without.’
    • ‘They use no machinery, only human labor and simple tools such as axes, knives, hoes, scythes and sickles.’
    • ‘If the soil is hard the chaka hoe is recommended as ordinary weeding hoes would break and are not suited to digging.’
    • ‘We used long-handled hoes with heavy heads that we kept razor sharp, but it was still slow work.’
    • ‘These women cultivated with simple tools, a hoe, trowel, or shovel in one hand and seeds or fertilizer in the other hand.’
    • ‘But many hoes and other small tools are of very poor quality and break after a few weeks.’
    • ‘Things you need are a soaker hose, a hoe, fertilizer, seeds, and gardening gloves.’
    • ‘If weeding a large flower bed, you can use a hoe, but take care not to damage the roots of the plants around them.’
    • ‘I weeded with a hoe and shook bugs off plants with my hands from sunrise to sunset.’
    • ‘Use a hoe with a small, sharp blade to slice them off just under the soil surface.’
    • ‘A quick scratch with a hoe will easily eliminate any weeds and keep the soil loose and fluffy.’
    • ‘Sure there are some people who enjoy getting a little dirty while they plant their flowers, but even those types of people have the most basic of gardening tools, like a rake or a hoe.’
    • ‘Some tools like rakes, shovels and hoes can be easily hung up in the shed on nails.’
    • ‘The circular shape of the hoe allows you to pull it through the soil toward you, leaving sliced weeds in its wake.’
    • ‘Many gardeners find that the most efficient tool for this task is some type of scuffle hoe, which cuts weeds at or just below the soil surface.’

verbhoes, hoeing, hoed

  • 1with object Use a hoe to dig (earth) or thin out or dig up (plants).

    • ‘In the study's first year, wheat plants were hoed out in February to the appropriate winterkill levels.’
    • ‘I start by hoeing a trench eight inches or so deep.’
    • ‘The idea is that after harvesting you will not need to plough or hoe the land for the new planting season.’
    • ‘Beds can be lightly hoed and covered with a mulch of spent mushroom compost, chipped bark or cocoa shells.’
    • ‘They got too tall to clear out with the cultivator, so Fred and I and the two other farm hands had to hoe a six-acre field by hand.’
    • ‘When the plants are 8 inches tall, they are half-buried by hoeing soil up and over them from each side of the row.’
    • ‘They hoe, plant, and weed, and harvest the crops.’
    • ‘He didn't fertilize the ground, but hoed it a lot instead, which he felt made up for the lack of nutrients.’
    • ‘If it's sunny, try to hoe weeds in borders and between plants, making sure that their roots are exposed.’
    • ‘To supplement the farm income, Dad would go out and hoe beets for neighboring beet producers.’
    • ‘After Charlie finished hoeing the row of lettuce, she came and sat down on the ground beside him.’
    • ‘Some farmers have improved the weed control by adding a second set of hoe wheels behind the first set so that the crop is actually hoed twice with each pass, or by going over the field twice.’
    • ‘There was a man talking to their father in the yard while their father hoed the little strawberry patch.’
    • ‘Otherwise, I had a general potter - hoed the soft fruit bed, swept up the paths, tidied the shed.’
    • ‘They then hoe the ground in patches at a prescribed spacing and broad-cast the seed collected from other forests to ensure natural regeneration to a desired extent.’
    • ‘Jonas hoed the garden for Nana, which should have been seeded three weeks ago.’
    • ‘We were able to rotary hoe the corn on time and that has helped with the first flush of weeds.’
    • ‘Every field had to be hoed for weeds three times, carefully hilling soil around each young stalk.’
    • ‘Soil should be moist whenever you are hoeing or pulling weeds.’
    • ‘‘If you have ever raked, hoed, or weeded a garden bed, you already know that gardening is a good workout,’ Restuccio says.’
    till, plough, dig, turn, hoe
  • 2hoe inAustralian, New Zealand informal no object Eat eagerly.

    • ‘However, given that it was Mother's Day, I couldn't really start hoeing into her meal, now could I?’
    • ‘Here's a story to think about as you hoe into lunch this afternoon.’
    • ‘To them, it tastes as good as medium rare steak and they hoe into it with just as much glee.’
    • ‘She was hoeing into her plate of chips and Bob had his head behind the orientation magazine.’
    • ‘Disregarding etiquette, I hoe in with my fingers to ensure that none of the precious flesh is wasted.’
    1. 2.1hoe intoAttack or criticize.
      ‘They're all at hoeing into Natasha, or Meg, depending on personal allegiances.’
      ‘They wanted to hoe into him and he had to be put in a police car for his own protection’


Middle English from Old French houe, of Germanic origin; related to German Haue, also to hew.




Main definitions of hoe in English

: hoe1hoe2



variant spelling of ho