Definition of hog heaven in English:

hog heaven


informal North American
  • A state of complete happiness.

    • ‘Bryan stood on the pitcher's mound, knowing he was in hog heaven’
    • ‘If you're a Constitutional law professor in an American law school you're in hog heaven right now because you can talk about those issues until the cows come home.’
    • ‘I'll bet he was in hog heaven squinting at its little LCD screen and watching files upload from his memory stick.’
    • ‘As he was leaving Las Vegas to return home to Seattle after four days in hog heaven, Hayden broke down and cried tears of joy.’
    • ‘Between this and all the chocolate I've gotten, I'll be in hog heaven for the next two weeks.’
    • ‘They buy one artist they know and then see 30 other recordings - most of them in this same genre - and they're in hog heaven.’
    • ‘This is, of course, hog heaven for a geeky science-writer father like myself.’
    • ‘Stick me in the middle of a Hallmark store, and I'm in hog heaven.’
    • ‘As with most coffee-table books, give it to the right person and the recipient will be in hog heaven.’
    • ‘My brothers and I love reading about ‘odd’ people, so when I came across Bertiaux awhile back we were in hog heaven.’
    • ‘On the contrary, as a tenured, overpaid professor, I have surely arrived in hog heaven.’