Definition of hog line in English:

hog line


  • (in the game of curling) a line marked across either end of a curling rink at one sixth of the rink's length from the tee. No sweeping is allowed until a stone has crossed the first line.

    • ‘All stones must be released before reaching the hog line and from within two feet of the centre line.’
    • ‘Once released, the stone must pass beyond the hog line at the other end of the ice to remain in play.’
    • ‘When it goes by the near hog line it may look like it will be a three, but end up being a one or a five.’
    • ‘You should stand still on the sideline and between the hog lines when your opponent is delivering a stone.’
    • ‘Stones that land on the hog line or don't travel beyond the hog line are removed immediately.’