Definition of hog-nosed skunk in English:

hog-nosed skunk

Pronunciation /hôɡ/ /hɔɡ/ /häɡ nōzd skəNGk/ /hɑɡ noʊzd skəŋk/


  • An American skunk with a bare elongated snout and a black face, found in rugged terrain.

    Genus Conepatus, family Mustelidae: several species

    ‘Even the hog-nosed skunk, which digs for most of its food, will eat fruits and carrion on occasion.’
    • ‘The hog-nosed skunk is found in small numbers in the pinon-juniper woodlands of southeastern Colorado.’
    • ‘The defensive secretion of the hog-nosed skunk differs from that of the spotted skunk and the striped skunk.’
    • ‘The hooded and hog-nosed skunks are rarer and found mostly in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.’
    • ‘There are reports that hog-nosed skunks in the Andes are immune to the venom of pit vipers.’
    • ‘The hog-nosed skunk is named for its fleshy, pig-like snout, which it uses to root for insects and grubs.’
    • ‘The hog-nosed skunk uses its long snout to turn up leaf litter as it searches for worms, grubs, and insects.’
    • ‘Striped, hooded, and hog-nosed skunks are approximately the same size, approaching the size of a small house cat.’
    • ‘A fairly large skunk, the hog-nosed skunk is dark brown to black with a single broad stripe running from the top of its head to the base of its tail.’
    • ‘The hog-nosed skunk is found in southern Colorado, central and southern New Mexico, the southern half of Texas, and northern Mexico.’