Definition of hog plum in English:

hog plum


  • A tropical tree which bears edible fruit resembling plums.

    a Caribbean tree with yellow fruit (Spondias mombin, family Anacardiaceae). Also called
    yellow mombin
    a tropical American tree with bitter fruit and timber that is used as a sandalwood substitute (Ximenia americana, family Olacaceae). Also called

    ‘The fruit and flower of the hog plum occur right on the branches as opposed to hanging from the tips.’
    • ‘Step 5: When all the moisture in the hog plums evaporates and the hog plums begin to curl up, shut off the flame.’
    • ‘It is know under several regional names such as hog plum or yellow mombin and is commonly used as a human food source.’
    • ‘These are green hog plums that have been scored and lightly pickled.’
    • ‘High bush blue berries, Chickasaw and hog plums and lots of hawthorn bushes provide fruit for many types of wildlife that inhabit the area.’
    • ‘Take the hog plum pieces in a plate, add a little oil and mix them well.’
    • ‘Most of the secondary food crops of the Central area were fruits such as the papaya, hog plums, nance plums, guavas and the avocado pear.’
    • ‘Sweet limes, mangoes, hog plums, and breadfruit trees, all of which have grown in the wild since the days of the plantations, are also interspersed among the larger trees.’
    • ‘I know hog plums are indigenous to the Americas, however.’
    • ‘Avocados, soursops, custard apples, sapotes, hog plums, guavas and others, are indigenous species while others such as citrus, apples, peaches, coconut and mango were introduced by the Augustinian, Dominique and Franciscan orders after the arrival of the Spanish.’


hog plum

/ˈhôɡ ˌpləm/ /ˈhɔɡ ˌpləm/ /ˈhäɡ ˌpləm/ /ˈhɑɡ ˌpləm/


Late 17th century so named because the fruit is common food for hogs in the West Indies and Brazil.