Definition of hogback in English:



  • A long hill or mountain ridge with steep sides.

    ‘It wasn't that far of a drive, about ten minutes or so to the other side of the hogback and then five minutes to get to the place.’
    • ‘In addition, he discovered the first Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus skeletons in the hogback ridge to the southwest of the Table Mountains.’
    • ‘I reached the summit of the hog's back mountain without difficulty, and rested at the cross on its peak.’
    • ‘He lives below the ridge and currently has an undisturbed view of the hogback and the valley beyond.’
    • ‘The resulting hogbacks, composed of Mesozoic sediments, can readily be seen dipping away from the mountains by those approaching the beautiful isolated peaks.’
    high ground, rising ground, prominence, eminence, elevation, rise, hillock, mound, mount, knoll, hummock, tor, tump, fell, pike, mesa



/ˈhôɡˌbak/ /ˈhɔɡˌbæk/ /ˈhäɡˌbak/ /ˈhɑɡˌbæk/