Definition of hogget in English:



  • 1British A yearling sheep.

    • ‘The entry of 1,700 ewes was similar overall to previous years but with more older sheep than hoggets.’
    • ‘They said hoggets were now gone out of the system and the supermarkets have changed over to spring lamb.’
    • ‘I keep most of my lambs for a whole year, and slaughter them in their second spring, when they are traditionally known as hoggets.’
    • ‘Most of the hoggets were in lamb, so I'm also at the loss of next year's lambs.’
    • ‘The demand for both lambs and hoggets was very strong and the highest price paid for a pen of lambs was E128.’
    • ‘The short-term threat to returns is coming from a continuing strong supply of competitively priced British hoggets, the increasing presence of French Lacune lambs on the market and the arrival shortly of Spanish lamb.’
    • ‘The scarcity of Spring lamb has increased demand at the factories for hoggets.’
    • ‘As a result, a lower lamb crop should result in 2004 but extra hoggets should be available in the first quarter arising from the carryover.’
    • ‘Higher numbers of hoggets in both Britain and Ireland have ensured well supplied markets with this product.’
    • ‘The throughput of ewe hoggets at the factories has been much higher than was expected, leading to speculation as to the effect on the breeding flock for future years and a likelihood of strong demand for breeding hoggets this autumn.’
    • ‘He duly purchased 20 hoggets and walked them home with £2 change for his mother.’
    • ‘‘Even taking account of the impact of decoupling and the increase in hogget sales to date, lamb supplies for the remainder of the year will be tighter than last year’.’
    • ‘Not the obvious choice when thinking about lamb in spring, but hogget has much more flavour than the much-hyped early spring lamb, which, born in winter, may not have had a chance to munch on much grass before taking a trip to the butcher.’
    1. 1.1New Zealand A lamb between weaning and first shearing.
      • ‘Researchers in Cowra are gathering the most comprehensive data ever assembled on growth and meat quality for lambs growing into hoggets.’
      • ‘He dropped the ewe count back to 750 and grazed 200 hoggets. 750 ewes at that time was regarded as an economic unit.’
      • ‘The three-year research project has found that grazing hoggets on saltbush, supplemented with barley, raised the vitamin E content of meat from 2.5 to 6.5 milligrams per kilogram.’


Late Middle English (applied also to a young boar): from hog+ -et.