Definition of hoggin in English:



mass noun
  • A mixture of sand and gravel, used especially as hard core in road-building.

    • ‘Be aware that a really deep gravel path can be difficult to walk on and wheel things across, so put down well-compacted hardcore or hoggin first, followed by a thinner layer of gravel.’
    • ‘He was not an expert and was not qualified to say whether the laying of hoggin as opposed to tarmac made this community garden dangerous.’
    • ‘The blocks produced in the shed were dried in the open on concrete strips set in hoggin.’
    • ‘Remove concrete and replace with local hoggin.’
    • ‘Various loose surfacings such as hoggin, crushed stone, planings or scalpings (recovered road surfacing) can be used, firmly compacted with a powered roller or vibrating plate.’


Mid 19th century of unknown origin.