Definition of hogweed in English:



mass noun
  • A large white-flowered weed of the parsley family, native to north temperate regions and formerly used as forage for pigs.

    Genus Heracleum, family Umbelliferae: several species, in particular the common European H. sphondylium and the introduced giant hogweed (H. mantegazzianum)

    • ‘We also check for poisonous plants such as hogweed which is very dangerous and has to be roped off and to make sure paths are not inaccessible or dangerous and steep banks can be dealt with.’
    • ‘Included is a project to construct reed beds to help clean water courses in a local country park and another to eradicate hogweed.’
    • ‘‘Where hogweeds have established themselves, their aggressive growth and large size mean they rapidly out-compete our native plant species,’ Barratt said.’
    • ‘He warned that alien species often spread into the wild and become pests, like rhododendron and giant hogweed, that will cost millions to get rid of in the future.’
    • ‘He usually did a circular walk around the scrubland, going off the path to retrieve his dogs, to pick blackberries in season and to admire some striking giant hogweed in the south western sector of the scrubland in the spring and summer…’