Definition of Hokkien in English:



  • 1mass noun A dialect of southern Min Chinese that is also spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

    • ‘Lin touted Malaysia as an ideal place for Taiwanese investors because that Malaysian workers can speak fluent English and various Chinese dialects such as Hokkien.’
    • ‘A number of Chinese dialects are also widely spoken including Cantonese, Hokkien, and Mandarin together with Punjabi and Tamil.’
    • ‘A child who speaks Hokkien at home may be schooled in Mandarin Chinese at school.’
    • ‘And funnily enough, most of the swearing was in Hokkien rather than Mandarin Chinese.’
    • ‘Tai, however, said that he had always spoken in Hokkien - his mother tongue - at the legislature, and that Kwan should respect his choice.’
    • ‘The second largest language group is Taiwanese, or Hokkien, spoken by Hakka and Fujian natives, and based on the Minnan dialect of southern Fujian.’
    • ‘Speaking in Hokkien, he also presented 10 labor policies, including tightening foreign labor imports and making the privatization process more transparent.’
    • ‘It takes specific words from different dialects - mostly Hokkien and Cantonese - and mixes them with English, using its own grammar and accent.’
    • ‘Although these passages were written in Chinese characters, they make sense only to speakers of Hokkien.’
    • ‘Singlish is influenced mostly by Hokkien Chinese, and if you don't know Hokkien, you may not understand Singlish that well.’
    • ‘In Hokkien, it would be easier and more natural sounding to employ the Tongyong system.’
    • ‘Finally, roughly 35 percent of the people questioned favored the their proposal to designate Hokkien as a national language alongside Mandarin.’
    • ‘And when I said ‘Singapore’, he said to me in Hokkien, ‘Li Ho Boh?’’
    • ‘At the moment, we ought to build confidence and carry out swift reforms to bring about successes for Taiwan,’ Lee said in Hokkien.’
    • ‘In addition to his native Hokkien and Mandarin, he is fluent in English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and German.’
    • ‘Having resided in Japan for more than 60 years, he speaks fluent Japanese as well as some Hokkien and Mandarin.’
    • ‘The commercial created a stir at radio stations and newspapers, with several reporters asking if the new advertisement means that Hokkien is to be the dominant language of the military.’
    • ‘So, he continued spouting Hokkien (which I don't understand) for another 10 minutes, and then he suddenly stopped.’
    • ‘Anything rude or negative that we had to say, we expressed in Hokkien.’
    • ‘Fluent in both Mandarin and Hokkien, she has been able to interview more extensively than many other foreign scholars.’
  • 2A member of a people traditionally inhabiting south-eastern China.

    • ‘Moreover, Hualien's four major ethnic groups - Hokkien, Hakka, Aboriginals and mainland Chinese - do not reflect the true population distribution elsewhere Taiwan.’
    • ‘He said the coalition avoided talking about the conflict between the Mainlanders and the Hokkien and promoted a concept of ethnic equality without real content.’
    • ‘Similarly, you will often find Malaysians and Singaporeans using English words as if they were actually Hokkien or Cantonese (or Malay, or Tamil and so on).’
    • ‘Seventy percent of the population is Hokkien, 14 percent is Hakka, 14 percent is Mainlander, and two percent is aboriginal.’
    • ‘All I know when I grew up was that Mum was Hokkien, and spoke English.’


  • Relating to the Hokkien or their dialect.

    • ‘Written with a mix of phonetic Hokkien dialect and English, Shiga creates a fascinating and little-seen world.’
    • ‘In a bid to preserve the Hokkien language, educators yesterday urged the Ministry of Education to tightly regulate Hokkien textbooks for elementary and junior high schools.’
    • ‘Goa-seng-lang pronounced in Hokkien means ‘people from outside the province.’’
    • ‘The word sai is the Hokkien dialect's word for ‘Lion’.’
    • ‘He shouted at the elders after they said they could not understand what he was saying because he was using the Hokkien dialect.’
    • ‘Despite the vulgarity and unavoidable use of the Hokkien vernacular, he is actually compellingly funny.’
    • ‘Their reasoning was also simple: the Hanyu system does not facilitate the promotion of Taiwanese Hokkien education.’
    • ‘Between us we ordered a braised beef in oyster sauce (clay pot), a Hong Kong steamed prawn and soya sauce, deep fried snow fish Hong Kong style, a Hokkien style fried rice and an iceberg lettuce with oyster sauce.’
    • ‘‘I feel that the conflict between the Mainlanders and the Hokkien people is calming down, and polls tell us the same thing,’ Tuan said.’
    • ‘On the promotion exam for customs officials and the admittance exams for police this year, there were questions on the reading-comprehension portion written in the Hokkien language.’
    • ‘The education ministry seeks to recruit approximately 1,000 more teachers to fill vacancies in Hokkien teaching spots and another 500 Hakka teachers.’
    • ‘My mother broke the news to me in our Hokkien Chinese dialect.’
    • ‘‘However, most of the Hokkien writing publications we came across on the market nowadays use various incorrect and inconsistent styles,’ Chu said.’
    • ‘A small minority are of Shanghainese, Hokkien (southern Fujian), and Boat People descent.’


Hokkien hok kian.