Definition of hold all the cards in English:

hold all the cards


  • Be in a very strong or advantageous position.

    ‘he held all the cards and made all the decisions’
    • ‘It appears that the highways authority holds all the cards.’
    • ‘There's a guy funding a film by a friend of mine, and he's decided that he holds all the cards, since he put up the million-and-a-half budget, so he wants to re-cut the movie.’
    • ‘Things have gotten so bad, that a liar and plagiarist holds all the cards; he can keep his stature, pay, and influence, or he can get a seven figure check.’
    • ‘So they say they're not prepared for this case and that the prosecution holds all the cards, so their first move, their first motion today will be to ask for an adjournment.’
    • ‘But union membership is on the decline and it appears management still holds all the cards right now.’
    • ‘In the meantime, the unregulated broker holds all the cards.’
    • ‘But in fact, the parent with whom the child lives - and that is usually the mother - holds all the cards.’
    • ‘The problem with fighting against globalisation is that the enemy holds all the cards.’
    • ‘In the alcohol industry, the distributors hold all the cards.’
    • ‘On the other hand, terrorists do not hold all the cards.’
    • ‘But from a procedural point of view, the Commission holds all the cards.’