Definition of hold court in English:

hold court


  • Be the centre of attention amidst a crowd of one's admirers.

    ‘Lewis was holding court in the small dressing room’
    • ‘Fifteen minutes later, he was already holding court with a crowd of reporters, fielding questions without being out of breath.’
    • ‘At the centre of the room a Rubenesque woman is holding court, the light catching a twist of green at the front of her coal black hair.’
    • ‘Mum Brenda always holds court at family gatherings.’
    • ‘Amazingly tall and thin, she oozes charm from every pore, holding court beside the director of the film.’
    • ‘And he's holding court on one of the most popular daytime TV shows, so what's the secret of his success where so many else have failed?’
    • ‘Stumbling inadvertently into the press conference for the women's singles winner, I found Venus Williams holding court to all of 12 journalists.’
    • ‘The reason he's holding court in front of a table of journalists is because of his new film, one of three he has coming out in the early part of 2003.’
    • ‘He rarely wrote letters, conducting his business on the telephone or, more often, holding court in public houses, where he was an unrivalled raconteur.’
    • ‘He would often be seen holding court in Swindon's clubs.’
    • ‘He has just come in from training, lounging easily in the kitchen of their fabulous new pavilion, arms folded, holding court.’