Definition of hold someone/something harmless in English:

hold someone/something harmless


  • Indemnify someone or something.

    • ‘Add a clause to the sales contract saying the seller agrees to hold you harmless and indemnify you against any claims that occurred before you owned the boat.’
    • ‘Yet once the law recognizes the possibility of holding a trivial error harmless, it is a relatively small step to say that even substantial errors that have a trivial impact on the outcome should be held harmless.’
    • ‘The pharmaceutical industry convinced political leaders to hold it harmless against lawsuits while, at the same time, profiting from a massive vaccination program actively promoted by government.’
    • ‘Product liability law and case law have overwhelmingly favored manufacturers' products intended to be used by responsible people, and have held the manufacturers harmless for abuses of those products by the lawless.’
    • ‘We're going back and asking clients to make price adjustments that will hold us harmless for price increases going forward, so we can stop the bleeding at some point and try to recover.’