Definition of hold something out in English:

hold something out

phrasal verb

  • Offer a chance or hope.

    ‘a new drug may hold out hope for patients with lung cancer’
    • ‘And that at least holds out the possibility that he'll stay - that he could be a winner in the future.’
    • ‘This nineteenth century green man holds out the prophetic possibility of restoration with nature, and in doing so reinforces our own sense of exile from it.’
    • ‘There is at present no cure: but the announcement last week that scientists are developing a potential vaccine, which is undergoing early clinical trials, holds out a ray of hope.’
    • ‘It is a revealing and frightening book, which nevertheless holds out a few strands of hope, provided we can snap out of our trance and start preparing in earnest for the inevitable.’
    • ‘It also holds out the prospect of improved treatments and better techniques of preventing the distressing condition, which affects one in every 500 children.’
    • ‘This breakthrough holds out hope of one day developing a new generation of treatments for a disease that claims the lives of 10,000 men every year in the UK alone.’
    • ‘A British breakthrough in stem cell research holds out the prospect that ‘permanent’ brain and nerve damage may one day be reversed.’
    • ‘China holds out the promise of being the most important growth economy in the world outside the United States.’
    • ‘In such dark times, feminism holds out a beacon of hope.’
    • ‘But an operation that holds out the promise of a more normal life still seems as far away as ever - and in the meantime his condition continues to worsen.’