Definition of hold the man in English:

hold the man


Australian Rules Football
  • Commit the offence of holding on to an opposing player who is not in possession of the ball.

    ‘he would pay a free kick for holding the man’
    • ‘Some of the rules, e.g. "round the neck", "holding the ball", and "holding the man", are enforced very rarely in proportion to the dozens of infringements seen in any match.’
    • ‘Sometimes you'll see a player running along and another player will grab him when we hasn't got the ball and you'd probably say "Holding the man!" but as an umpire I've got to weigh up quite a few variables.’
    • ‘Jack has had a holding the man tackle paid against him.’
    • ‘The holding the man decision paid against him.’
    • ‘Umpires and everyone, does anyone have a clear idea of the rule about "holding the man"?’