Definition of hold the ring in English:

hold the ring


  • Monitor a dispute or conflict without becoming involved in it.

    ‘the judge is there to hold the ring impartially and to direct the jury on the law’
    • ‘When an army spokesman was asked on the radio whether our forces could go on holding the ring, he refused to comment.’
    • ‘It could splinter into civil war and destabilise the whole region if the interim government, US forces and United Nations fail to hold the ring among factions struggling for power.’
    • ‘If the allies could hold the ring for five years, they might be able to lay foundations that would hold.’
    • ‘Unlike lawyer negotiation, mediation is conducted by one neutral mediator who does not act for either party, but holds the ring between them.’
    • ‘In the meantime antiterrorist action will be taken to hold the ring, to limit violence to what a British minister once unguardedly called an acceptable level.’
    • ‘Management science has historically attempted to hold the ring of hierarchical control whilst purveying the ideology of ‘industrial democracy’ and humanised work relations.’
    • ‘We can simply observe that in a trial with counsel prosecuting, counsel for a co-accused and a judge to hold the ring, the material got in.’
    • ‘What we have endeavoured to do, in a public policy sense, is hold the ring and enable them to offer the services they provide.’
    • ‘The Archbishop of Canterbury's attempts to hold the ring are increasingly challenged.’