Definition of hold up in English:

hold up

phrasal verb

  • Remain strong or vigorous.

    ‘the Labour vote held up well’
    • ‘The counting of postal votes shows 6,000 votes already cast with our vote holding up well.’
    • ‘At the last general election the Labour vote held up best in the party's marginal seats.’
    • ‘Whether it will hold up under the latest media onslaught remains to be seen.’
    • ‘I sweat until pretty much every inch of my clothing is soaked, but my energy holds up.’
    • ‘We will be fine while the building boom holds up but when that slows down there is going to be a hell of a lot of people looking for work.’
    • ‘I also have a sack of the resin on order so that I can make more blanks if I run out of these and the demand holds up.’
    • ‘In-store activity had been holding up well but has suddenly gone very quiet over the past couple of weeks, he told me.’
    • ‘Travis's core heavyside business, which services the jobbing builder, is holding up well.’
    • ‘He says at the moment prices are holding up, just marginally below last year's levels.’