Definition of hold up one's head (or hold one's head high) in English:

hold up one's head (or hold one's head high)


  • Be confident or unashamed.

    ‘under the circumstances I would find it impossible to hold my head up in the town’
    • ‘He told me to hold my head high and look confident.’
    • ‘You might not get to the top as quick as everyone who's treading on other people's fingers, but at least you'll be able to hold your head high and say ‘I got here by myself’.’
    • ‘While I have tried in public to stay dignified, to hold up my head and to carry on with my job… in private I have been deeply upset and hurt and considerable damage has been inflicted on my personal life.’
    • ‘If I were never to lace on a glove again, I could hold my head high.’
    • ‘I've won the domestic trophies, the Championship and got back in the Champions League, so now when I leave the club I can hold my head high.’
    • ‘Now he can hold his head high and look back with pride on the 229 wickets which made him the eighth most successful bowler in England's history.’
    • ‘She held her head high and continued about her business with what may have seemed like an arrogance to some’
    • ‘He's a fine soldier, and he goes out holding his head high in service as chief staff the United States Army.’
    • ‘So, keep your hope alive and hold your head high.’
    • ‘You have to be prepared to hold your head high and whatever happens, happens, and you move on.’