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  • A large rectangular bag with handles and a shoulder strap, used for carrying clothes and other personal belongings.

    ‘‘The smaller one, the one with the shotgun, returned to the exhibition room carrying two holdalls over his shoulder,’ said Mr Fisher.’
    • ‘I've lost count of the number of tube travellers I've seen laden with both tiny handbag and big rucksack, or huge holdall and little shoulder bag.’
    • ‘Although the museum asks that bags be left at the entrance, they walk through its artefact-filled rooms carrying large holdalls.’
    • ‘The four staff members gave different descriptions of the robbers, their clothes and holdalls allegedly used to remove the paintings.’
    • ‘Both men carried holdalls and forced the staff members into the vault of the bank, where they stole a large quantity of cash and other items.’
    • ‘If you are well under the luggage allowance on the outward bound trip, that allows you to bring back plenty of goodies in your spare holdall which should be of a light nylon type that will squash down.’
    • ‘He has a snake tattoo on his right forearm and was last seen wearing blue or black jeans, black trainers and grey jacket and carrying a red holdall with the word TRAVEL on it.’
    • ‘He was last seen wearing blue or black jeans, black trainers, a grey jacket and was carrying a red holdall with the word ‘Travel’ on it.’
    • ‘He had a local accent and was carrying a holdall.’
    • ‘I had a small holdall with clean clothes and some books, and my computer holder.’
    • ‘No bags, rucksacks, backpacks or holdalls more than eight inches square.’
    • ‘The men were wearing shirts and ties and were about 5ft 10 in and carried two bags, a holdall and a laptop bag, which were used to steal the equipment.’
    • ‘Instead, criminals are still using the traditional method of carrying the cash in holdalls.’
    • ‘From the periphery of his vision he noted that Ben had shoved most of his belongings into a holdall he was taking with him.’
    • ‘She told Mr Clarke that everything inside the blue holdall belonged to her.’
    • ‘As this tends to involve an overnight stay I put everything in a holdall and I try and keep it to the minimum as I hate having to check stuff in.’
    • ‘Detectives who searched his home found a holdall, items snatched from the post office, a police scanner and his bingo membership card.’
    • ‘I sat with my holdall on my lap.’
    • ‘Stuart believes that the stolen items, which were in a blue holdall, may have been dumped somewhere by whoever stole them.’
    suitcase, case, valise, portmanteau, grip, overnight bag, overnighter, flight bag, travelling bag, Gladstone bag, carpet bag



/ˈhōldˌôl/ /ˈhoʊldˌɔl/ /ˈhōldˌäl/ /ˈhoʊldˌɑl/