Definition of Holmesian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the fictional private detective Sherlock Holmes, especially in being extremely perceptive.

    ‘his powers of Holmesian deduction’
    • ‘He has been a friend of the great and good for many years, his Holmesian intelligence and insightfulness coming to their rescue more times than he would care to remember.’
    • ‘His most personal movie presents a classically Holmesian mystery.’
    • ‘A slew of characters offering up information and speculation pop in and out in her lively paced, almost Holmesian pursuit of the truth.’
    • ‘She has written a wonderful story that is true to the Holmesian style.’
    • ‘I actually thought the mystery here was deduced by its characters in a Holmesian manner, but for the viewer it became obvious too quickly what was happening and fell into lazy TV territory.’