Definition of holy water in English:

holy water


  • Water blessed by a priest and used in religious ceremonies.

    • ‘Buildings, offices and factories are seldom opened for use without the blessing of the priest with his holy water.’
    • ‘A priest sprinkles holy water on an infant's head, chanting as he does so.’
    • ‘The grave was then dug, if this had not already been done, and sanctified by a priest with holy water and incense.’
    • ‘To begin with, when you first come into church, bless yourself with holy water.’
    • ‘Once inside the basilica, John Paul's body was placed on a platform before the main altar and was again blessed with holy water and incense.’
    • ‘On the morning of the fourth day we went to divine service together, were all and equally blessed and sprinkled with holy water.’
    • ‘She had asked me to anoint him with holy water, even though I wasn't Roman Catholic.’
    • ‘A priest comes to the house to bless it with holy water and incense.’
    • ‘She blessed herself with holy water before walking out of the church.’
    • ‘A revered monk sprinkles holy water on the gathered masses bringing in the New Year in South Pattaya.’
    • ‘There will be monks blessing ceremonies in the morning, and the pouring of holy water on the palms of the elderly.’
    • ‘On this day, churchgoers often take a bottle of holy water to their homes, where it is kept until the following year.’
    • ‘Bradley held the crucifix in one hand and sprinkled holy water on the altar.’
    • ‘Mass begins with the archbishop walking through the aisles, sprinkling holy water left and right.’
    • ‘Father Fingleton blessed the audience and building with holy water and congratulated the club for their work.’
    • ‘I raised the flask of holy water to his lips and let him drink.’
    • ‘The happy couple received the traditional pouring of holy water by family, friends and many well-wishers.’
    • ‘The coffin is then lowered into the grave, and soil sprinkled with holy water is tossed on top of the coffin.’


holy water

/ˈhoʊli ˈwɔdər/