Definition of home comforts in English:

home comforts

plural noun

  • Things associated with one's home that contribute to physical ease and well-being.

    ‘she's missed her home comforts since she's been working in Hollywood’
    • ‘Me, I'd want all my home comforts.’
    • ‘She found herself in the wilderness, with few home comforts.’
    • ‘I think I'm at the stage where I like my home comforts.’
    • ‘Five police horses are at last enjoying the home comforts they deserve.’
    • ‘Everyone had a great time, despite having to survive without all their home comforts.’
    • ‘The pet resort emulates home comforts at the request of dog owners.’
    • ‘You will derive immense satisfaction from sharing home comforts with your beloved.’
    • ‘They do like their home comforts, don't they?’
    • ‘This one-time military-hard man has, he admits, grown attached to his home comforts.’
    • ‘Hearing her recount her story, immediately renews one's deep appreciation of all home comforts.’