Definition of home life in English:

home life


  • A person's family, personal relationships, and domestic interests considered as a whole.

    ‘a stable home life for their families’
    • ‘He's unhappy with his home life.’
    • ‘Ray's home life is dull compared to when he's on the road with the band.’
    • ‘It's the story of Max, a chronic daydreamer on the brink of adolescence whose crumbing homelife and bully problems are averted by his vivid visits from his imaginary friends.’
    • ‘A return to traditional home life leads to a yearning for traditional product offerings.’
    • ‘He worked doors at clubs at night and nurtured a promising side career as a rapper, all while juggling a busy home life.’
    • ‘After years of deprivation, building a comfortable home life and raising one's standard of living became all-consuming tasks.’
    • ‘The reader meets the protagonist, a family man living in an idyllic farmhouse with a comfortable home life that has become stagnant.’
    • ‘He had a difficult home life, was permanently excluded from school, and was a member of a violent gang.’
    • ‘Many of our pupils have very difficult home lives and survive in conditions of poverty.’
    • ‘He's given up his job as a chef, and a stable home life, to pursue a higher goal for his sport and country.’