Definition of home loan in English:

home loan


  • A loan advanced to a person to assist in buying a house or flat.

    • ‘If you have a home loan, refinance your mortgage to lower your payments.’
    • ‘For example, some lenders allow consumers to obtain home loans or refinance mortgages on the basis of assets rather than credit rating.’
    • ‘Whenever you're free to move your home loan without paying excessive penalties, shop around for a better rate.’
    • ‘By shopping around, you could pay far less interest on your home loan and earn much more interest on your savings.’
    • ‘Last year, a dramatic increase in the number of negative-equity home loans saw more flats taken back by banks.’
    • ‘If you can move your mortgage without severe penalties, get looking for a better home loan today and claim your share of our wasted billions!’
    • ‘If you can switch your home loan without paying a hefty penalty, demand a better deal from your lender.’
    • ‘When you apply for a home loan, lenders will scrutinize your credit history.’
    • ‘Interest rates on home loans are still low by historic standards, making second homes more affordable for many families.’
    • ‘Change comes to all neighborhoods, even those once written off by the federal government as being unworthy of home loans.’
    • ‘As expected, commercial banks in Namibia have announced upward adjustments in their prime lending rates and home loans rates.’
    • ‘That's because most of these home loans are on variable rates, which means that repayments increase when, or shortly after, the base rate rises.’
    • ‘Americans rushed to get home loans before rates increased even more.’
    • ‘During the Eighties and early Nineties, millions of homebuyers were encouraged to buy endowment policies along with their home loans.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, mortgage lenders are set for an unprecedented era of competition that will drive down the cost of home loans further.’
    • ‘Check out the great home loans in our Mortgage centre.’
    • ‘They suggest that the number of problem home loans is very low.’
    • ‘The best way to compare home loans is to add up all the costs - one-off and ongoing - over a defined period, such as three years.’
    • ‘Those programs may offer lower costs than conventional home loans, Chany says.’
    • ‘The majority of homeowners are content to pay back their home loans over the typical 25-year life of a mortgage.’


home loan