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home plate

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  • The five-sided flat white rubber base next to which the batter stands and over which the pitcher must throw the ball for a strike. A runner must touch home plate after having reached all the other bases to score a run.

    ‘After touching home plate, the batter walks off the field as the hero of the winning team.’
    • ‘Runs are scored when a batter reaches the home plate after running round all three bases, be it one-by-one or alternatively in one fell swoop after one hit.’
    • ‘We'd stand at home plate facing the backstop, and he'd give us five pitches per turn.’
    • ‘Karey handed Zach the bat and the three returned to the home plate and batter's area.’
    • ‘He stood admiring it at home plate for a long moment before raising his fist in the air and rounding the bases triumphantly.’


home plate

/ˌhōm ˈplāt/ /ˌhoʊm ˈpleɪt/