Definition of home study in English:

home study


  • 1A course of study carried out at home, rather than in a traditional classroom setting.

    ‘A perfect starting point for anyone who wants to do some home study.’
    • ‘Determined to make up the two years she had lost so she could graduate on time, she attended night school and summer school and also put in at least three additional hours of home study every night.’
    • ‘They do home study as well during the week, and enthusiastically fit in training on and off the water.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, reviewer Tony Kampf takes a look at a college-level geology course available for home study, with the course materials consisting of seven CD-ROMs along with optional textbooks, workbooks, and videos.’
    • ‘Through marriage, buying a home, paying bills and having three children, the association enabled Karen to continue her exercise education with weekend courses and home studies.’
    • ‘If you have been among those frustrated for lack of physical education ideas, this book will thrill you and add a new, and often overlooked, course to your home studies.’
    • ‘She used this same methodology in another study to evaluate the use of computer-assisted instruction for home study for continuing education programs in nursing.’
    • ‘‘I'm now looking forward to a new career,’ said John, whose efforts to become a teacher through mainly home study, were slowed by a stroke, after which he had to learn to write all over again.’
    • ‘The new Iowa State University Crop Adviser Institute offers Internet or CD-ROM training modules to certified crop advisers preferring home study.’
    • ‘Those on registered courses will be among the first to benefit from the MIS library system, because they will be able to access library catalogues from their own computers and order books on line for home study.’
    • ‘However instead of the traditional homework set by teachers, disliked by many pupils and scorned by some parents, he wants students to learn for themselves by doing their own home study in many subjects.’
    • ‘The home study can take anywhere from a month to a year.’
    • ‘When William's mother allows him to skip his home study, his father scolds them both.’
    • ‘Features of the Health and Harmony College's student policy include: your own starting and completion dates, easy and affordable payment plans, home study and open book tests done at home, and daily tutorial support.’
    • ‘So great was the impact of this initial failure that my subsequent diligence throughout my course knew no bounds: I even recorded on graph paper every hour of home study that I did during those five wonderful years.’
    • ‘Too few youngsters remain in such competing fields as leisure, home study, and business employment.’
  • 2An assessment of prospective adoptive parents to see if they are suitable for adopting a child.

    ‘Many agencies take time to do pre-adoption screenings of adoptive parents, complete home studies, and check on medical condition and history.’
    • ‘Each time a couple wants to adopt, the home study is done again.’
    • ‘As in most adoptions, the home study - where a licensed agency visits the future home and family - settles financial questions.’
    • ‘Prospective adopters were also supposed to undergo a home study conducted by Catholic Charities, an American Catholic organization with branches throughout the country.’
    • ‘Of these, about 30 families have completed the training and are referred to the public agency that approves home studies and places children in adoptive and foster homes.’
    • ‘The Society was to complete a home study on the mother, in addition to the parenting capacity assessment.’
    • ‘They have to take parenting classes, go through a criminal background check and do a home study.’
    • ‘It is probably better if they have gotten their home study or are in the process.’
    • ‘‘Practically speaking, international adoption and domestic adoption are so expensive, and the county was willing to do our home study for free,’ says Laura Rede.’
    • ‘She weighs the advantages of open versus closed and international versus domestic adoption for the single parent, and demystifies potentially daunting steps such as choosing an agency and preparing for the home study.’
    • ‘A home study by the Essex Children's Aid Society indicates that the respondent father's home is suitable and that the child appears comfortable when he is there.’
    • ‘And a home study has to be carefully completed by that body, which paints a picture whether that person is ok to adopt.’
    • ‘The rest is for background checks, compatibility checks, home studies and a mountain of paperwork.’