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(British homoeopathy)
  • The treatment of disease by minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of disease.

    Often contrasted with allopathy

    ‘He practises a multi-therapy system using acupuncture with homoeopathy and nutritional therapy to treat chronic diseases.’
    • ‘For this reason, many people turn to complementary therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal remedies.’
    • ‘In homeopathy, dosage is minute and symptoms are meant to intensify as part of the self-healing process.’
    • ‘Like homeopathy, it treats the whole person rather than just the ailment.’
    • ‘We can see how acupuncture, homoeopathy and herbalism might be tested.’
    • ‘Like homeopathy, most alternative therapies are closer to mysticism than to medicine.’
    • ‘Using homeopathy and a range of other natural treatments, Pat set out on a journey of recovery that was to see her body go from strength to strength.’
    • ‘The whole community has access to acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy, even if on a crude level.’
    • ‘The approach of treating the patient in a holistic manner allows homoeopathy to treat many diseases where conventional medical treatment does not have much to offer.’
    • ‘This is radical, for in homeopathy, there are two schools of thought - low dose versus high dose.’
    • ‘Despite homoeopathy's popularity with patients, orthodox medicine has had the upper hand in terms of institutional support, research funding, and strong evidence of effectiveness.’
    • ‘Although homeopathy has met with skepticism in the past, recent research is now proving that it works quite well.’
    • ‘She had tried homeopathy, colonic irrigation, aloe vera and reflexology.’
    • ‘She's also tried homoeopathy, meditation and colour therapy as well as conventional drugs.’
    • ‘The power of homeopathy never ceases to amaze me.’
    • ‘It is also important to heal the individual from within, if this is where the problem originates, using, for example, homeopathy.’
    • ‘Ayurvedic medicine and homoeopathy are popular in India.’
    • ‘She places a lot of faith in homoeopathy and alternative medicines.’
    • ‘The first principle of homoeopathy is that you find a substance that causes the symptoms you are experiencing.’
    • ‘He has also trained in homeopathy and is interested in all forms of complementary medicine.’



/ˌhōmēˈäpəTHē/ /ˌhoʊmiˈɑpəθi/


Early 19th century coined in German from Greek homoios ‘like’ + patheia (see -pathy).