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  • A person who works from home, especially doing low-paid piecework.

    ‘‘One of our primary aims this year is to ensure that the government gives the employment status of homeworkers the attention that it deserves,’ she said.’
    • ‘In 1999, he documented the experiences of 30 homeworkers in a report that shattered the then-popular image of homework as a stress-free and more flexible alternative to full-time office or factory work.’
    • ‘The researchers will also be giving information and support to homeworkers who want to try to fight for their right to the minimum wage.’
    • ‘Women are disproportionately employed in the so-called atypical workforce of part-timers, temporary workers, and homeworkers.’
    • ‘But some technological changes resulted in new forms of homework or a greater demand for certain traditional tasks performed by homeworkers.’
    • ‘In its heyday, the garment industry became the leading employer of homeworkers.’
    • ‘Some employers have been using the system to cheat homeworkers out of their hard-earned cash, but this should make it more difficult to do so.’
    • ‘We know compliance is a problem in this sector but these amendments should help ensure that homeworkers are finally able to receive the full level of the national minimum wage.’
    • ‘Freelancers and homeworkers can also lose the habits of deference that oil the wheels of office life.’
    • ‘It is estimated 70 per cent of garment workers are women, working in factories, sweatshops, or as homeworkers.’
    • ‘We homeworkers must adapt to our surroundings.’
    • ‘Research is showing that higher productivity levels are achieved by homeworkers.’
    • ‘The government needs to look at the status of homeworkers as they have no protection at the moment.’
    • ‘The Government promised over six years ago to sign the International Labour Organisation's convention on homeworkers' rights.’
    • ‘As several homeworkers remarked during in-depth interviews, they felt reaffirmed as independent and powerful people, as household heads, as mothers who were successful in keeping their families together.’
    • ‘Some vendors may provide automatic patch updating for home users, and such systems may be appropriate for updating your mobile workforce and remote homeworkers with the latest security fixes.’
    • ‘In some cases, trade unions have begun to organise homeworkers; in others, non-governmental organisations have been set up in the form of networks or cooperatives.’
    • ‘The essential tool was the sewing machine, which was relatively cheap, so little or no capital was required to set up a small workshop and also find homeworkers.’



/ˈhōmˌwərkər/ /ˈhoʊmˌwərkər/