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  • A primate of a family (Hominidae) that includes humans and their fossil ancestors and also (in recent systems) at least some of the great apes.

    ‘It may be possible to extract DNA from the bones of human ancestors and other hominids who died up to one million years ago, researchers believe.’
    • ‘Teeth and jaw fossils of an early hominid were found with fossils of other animals.’
    • ‘Do hominid fossils from one to two million years ago represent a single species or numerous branches on the family tree, some of which died out?’
    • ‘A glance at the fossil remains of these hominids shows that Neandertal bones are much more robust than those of modern Homo sapiens.’
    • ‘Based on fossils discovered in earlier digs, hominids appear to have lived in the area for nearly six million years.’



/ˈhäməˌnid/ /ˈhɑməˌnɪd/


Late 19th century from modern Latin Hominidae (plural), from Latin homo, homin- ‘man’.