Definition of homoerotic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhōmōəˈrädik/ /ˌhoʊmoʊəˈrɑdɪk/

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  • Concerning or arousing sexual desire centered on a person of the same sex.

    ‘homoerotic images’
    • ‘Giggs and especially Beckham started to do homoerotic calendars and overtly sexual magazine spreads.’
    • ‘These apple-cheeked boys exist in a fantasy world, where Aryan ideals of physical perfection meet up with homoerotic desire.’
    • ‘Dress codes - from certain coloured clothes to keys in a back pocket - played their part in allowing those with homoerotic desires to find others.’
    • ‘To this day it's regarded as the seminal cinematic expression of adolescent angst and homoerotic desire.’
    • ‘We do not accept, however, that to reject homoerotic sexual practice as sinful is in itself homophobic.’
    • ‘The film may be taken as an argument for how the repression of homoerotic desire leads to inauthenticity and death.’
    • ‘It's a fable on good and evil with a heavy homoerotic subtext that wasn't in the original Melville novel.’
    • ‘This desire is most evident in the notorious, homoerotic wrestling match, where the two naked men grapple to a draw.’
    • ‘The homoerotic element to the poem is more pronounced in Mitchell's translation than others, and it is also one of its authentic elements.’
    • ‘The homoerotic component is, Minghella stresses, also present in the book, and merely accentuated by its depiction on celluloid as opposed to the page.’
    • ‘And there is little evidence that people who feel homoerotic attraction have, as a group, any less Darwinian fitness than those who don't.’
    • ‘Yet who can ignore that the subtext of all this is homoerotic?’
    • ‘It's one of the most homoerotic films I've ever seen.’
    • ‘Gaston's real story involves what seems to be an accidental death of a childhood friend during a homoerotic role-playing game.’
    • ‘As homoerotic subtexts go, it doesn't get much better.’
    • ‘And, is it just me or was the whole thing just a little too homoerotic?’
    • ‘At the age of 19 he moved to Helsinki where he enrolled in an art college and created his first homoerotic drawings.’
    • ‘It's also a symbolic return of the homoerotic subtext that has been lost in the new Brit gangster film.’
    • ‘The legend, with the addition of a strong homoerotic current, was cemented by Derek Jarman's luminous film.’
    • ‘It's obvious that the homoerotic element in their relationship is very strong.’