Definition of homolog in English:



(also homologue)
  • A homologous thing.

    ‘During meiosis I, the replicated sister chromatids pair with their homologs but segregate as a single unit.’
    • ‘The distribution of homologues among different taxa is seen as a consequence of their phylogenetic relationship.’
    • ‘It ensures proper chromosome segregation by forming a physical link between homologs during meiosis.’
    • ‘Several studies show involvement of telomeres in the pairing of homologs during meiosis.’
    • ‘The most important point is that this gene has no homologues in other organisms, making it an attractive drug target.’
    • ‘We attempted to glean information about their functions by searching for possible homologs in other organisms.’
    counterpart, analogue, equivalent, likeness, correspondent, match, twin, duplicate, equal, coequal, mirror



/ˈhōməˌläɡ/ /ˈhoʊməˌlɑɡ/


Mid 19th century from French, from Greek homologos (see homologous).