Definition of homology in English:



Biology Chemistry
  • The state of having the same or similar relation, relative position, or structure.

    ‘many proteins show homology across their whole length’
    • ‘a region of homology with another gene’
    • ‘The number of members per family may differ in various species, although they exhibit significant homology.’
    • ‘It is expected that a greater number of genes would exhibit homology between tomato and eggplant.’
    • ‘Feathers also exhibit serial homology, in that the individual feathers are not distinguishable on any criterion.’
    • ‘Its protein sequence shares no strong homology with any of the known proteins.’
    • ‘The structures are so similar that homology is inferred.’
    • ‘The first set showed a homology of 96 per cent.’
    • ‘Many proteins show homology across their whole length or across portions of their sequence.’
    • ‘A comparison of the sequences obtained from the amplified material revealed a complete homology to modern bacterial sequences.’
    • ‘Cross-species hybridization studies using human chromosome paints as probes reveal extensive homology.’
    • ‘Reasonable homology exists between certain structural proteins of these plants and grasses.’



/hōˈmäləjē/ /hoʊˈmɑlədʒi/ /həˈmäləjē/ /həˈmɑlədʒi/