Definition of homonymous in English:


Pronunciation /həˈmänəməs/ /həˈmɑnəməs/ /hōˈmänəməs/ /hoʊˈmɑnəməs/


See homonym

‘Turning from the CWA to that other Calgary writing group, the CWA… we discover just what a headache homonymous acronyms can be.’
  • ‘A word like walk is polysemous (went walking, went for a walk, walk the dog, Cheyne Walk), while a word like bank is homonymous between at least bank for money and bank of a river.’
  • ‘Of course, the difficulty here is to provide a list that is as comprehensive as it is unambiguous, which is nearly impossible given homonymous words such as 'like' (verb, adverb, preposition and conjunction).’
  • ‘Note that your PC spellchecker may not capture all the spelling glitches such as homonymous words, the most commonly found spelling errors in essays.’