Definition of homophile in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɒməfʌɪl/ /ˈhəʊməfʌɪl/


  • 1Relating to homosexuals.

    • ‘I'd taken courses in literature and language - from Latin drama to modern poetry, from restoration drama to homophile studies.’
    • ‘Advertisements were placed in homophile publications.’
    • ‘From that point on, homophile magazines were spared censorship by postal or other authorities.’
    • ‘That year I took a homophile studies course.’
    • ‘In 1971 I took one of the first homophile courses in the country, from Lou Crompton, who was a remarkable scholar.’
    • ‘The bishops recognized that the ministries of many homophile clergy are highly dedicated and have been greatly blessed.’
    • ‘There were inevitably certain restrictions upon clergy which were not necessarily incumbent upon laity, and one such restriction was the possibility of living in a sexually active homophile relationship.’
    • ‘The young "newspaper of America's homophile community" added, "For the first time in nearly 2,000 years, homosexuals are back in the mainstream of the political process, stating their case before a national audience that has finally begun to listen."’
    gay, lesbian, lesbigay
    1. 1.1Active in supporting the rights of homosexuals.
      ‘early homophile organizations’
      • ‘Latinos, Asians and African-Americans began to play a leading role in the homophile movement.’
      • ‘Part 3 concentrates on the interaction between gay men and lesbians in the homophile movements of the period 1960-1969.’
      • ‘In Los Angeles the homophile group One Inc. began publishing One, an influential early gay periodical.’
      • ‘He maintained contacts with homophile groups in France, Germany, Scandinavia and Holland.’
      • ‘Fifty homophile organizations that year had turned into eight hundred gay liberation groups by 1973, and thousands by 1979.’
      • ‘The newest research results were presented by doctors, psychologists, lawyers, sociologists and staff from various homophile organizations in Europe and America.’
      • ‘As the film shows, new activist organizations sprang up in the wake of the 1969 Stonewall riot, replacing the more staid "homophile" groups of the '50s.’
      • ‘I'd definitely want to sit in on some of the first meetings of the Washington chapter of the homophile organization the Mattachine Society, cofounded by pioneering activist Frank Kameny in D.C. in the late '50s.’
      • ‘Early homophile organizations were often divided between those who continued to see scientific studies as the source of homosexual liberation and those who did not.’
      • ‘Its first phase, the homophile movement, started in 1950 when several homosexual men, most former communist and progressive activists, founded the Mattachine Society in Los Angeles.’
      • ‘In the early '70s many lesbians deserted the homophile and gay liberation movements in protest against male chauvinism.’


  • 1A homosexual person.

    • ‘Many of us were frustrated by what seemed like the complacency of older gays, just as they had once been frustrated by the meekness of an even earlier generation of homophiles.’
    • ‘As you stroll through the grounds, you may eventually come upon a most impressive tomb - for the famous English homophile, Oscar Wilde.’
    • ‘If you are not a homophile or comfortable with explicit language and images, better not follow that link.’
    • ‘We recognise that there are major questions to be faced concerning the attitudes to homophiles in both Church and society.’
    gay person, lesbian, gay, lesbigay
    1. 1.1A person active in supporting the rights of homosexuals.
      • ‘Homophiles conceived of sexuality as a quintessentially private domain, but to support this private right, they argued, public education was necessary.’
      • ‘New York's Gay Activists Alliance, dedicated to nonviolent protest, has provided youthful leadership for homophiles of varying ideological persuasions.’
      • ‘They studied groups of homophiles enrolled in homophile organizations.’
      • ‘ The convention dissolved in a confrontation between gay liberationists and homophiles.’
      • ‘Liberals fear he will not now be able to resist the conservative agenda, even though he is a liberal homophile.’


1960s from homosexual + -phile.



/ˈhɒməfʌɪl/ /ˈhəʊməfʌɪl/