Definition of honewort in English:



  • A wild plant of the parsley family.

    Two species in the family Umbelliferae: Cryptotaenia canadensis, a native of North America and eastern Asia which is cultivated for food in Japan, and Trinia glauca, a small European plant

    ‘Native Americans gathered the botanically related wild honewort, a woodland perennial native that grows from Manitoba to New Brunswick and south to Georgia.’
    • ‘Hydroponics is now well established in Japan, particularly for vegetables such as cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, lettuce, honeworts, strawberries, radish sprouts, leeks and green Welsh onions.’
    • ‘The vegetables to be kept fresh by means of the present invention are not particularly limited, and thus may include radish sprouts, chives, honewort and shallots.’
    • ‘As of today, May 20, they are able to harvest Japanese radishes, green peas, carrots and honeworts.’



/ˈhōnwərt/ /ˈhoʊnwərt/


Mid 17th century from obsolete hone ‘swelling’ (for which the plant was believed to be a remedy) + wort.