Definition of honey-colored in English:



(British honey-coloured)
  • Of a yellowish-brown or golden color.

    ‘her natural honey-colored locks’
    • ‘What he saw was a sweet face surrounded by bouncing honey-coloured ringlets.’
    • ‘The soldiers quickly took cover, pointing their weapons from behind street corners built of honey-coloured stone.’
    • ‘I can remember the sun slanting down onto the honey-coloured wood of the lab bench.’
    • ‘They are fulfilling their dream of rural life in a honey-coloured cottage.’
    • ‘Every year, the honey-coloured water would flood, rising 12 feet or more.’
    • ‘These are housed in an ancient open-air chamber of delicate, honey-coloured pillars, its crumbling walls darkened by the smoke of candles.’
    • ‘The houses are low and built in pleasant, honey-coloured brick.’
    • ‘There is something quite irresistible about clouds of softly beaten cream and sugary, honey-coloured meringue.’
    • ‘I take a second and then a third cup of this aromatic honey-coloured drink flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon, and strands of saffron.’
    • ‘The article told of a honey-coloured cat that attacked an 83-year-old woman in her garden.’