Definition of honeybunch in English:


(also honeybun)


North American informal
  • Darling (used as a form of address).

    • ‘You're safe, honeybunch, that's all that matters.’
    • ‘I know honeybunch, but you would still be staying with two boys in a dorm in London.’
    • ‘That's right, honeybunch, you tell him how to establish successful relationships with patients when you've just forbidden him to have patients at all.’
    • ‘Look honeybun, of course I know where I'm going, so just sit back and enjoy yourself in the backseat, because we're taking the all-expense paid scenic route to our destination tonight!’
    • ‘Okay honeybun, where did you put my card anyway?’



/ˈhənēˌbən(t)SH/ /ˈhəniˌbən(t)ʃ/