Definition of honor-bound in English:



with infinitive
  • Morally obliged to do something.

    ‘the state is honor-bound to listen and act’
    • ‘I feel honor-bound to pay this money’
    • ‘I know full well that Anne will feel honour-bound to comply with her mother's wishes.’
    • ‘It was a cheap election ploy that he felt honour-bound to implement.’
    • ‘Even though there are five officials presiding over a fencing contest, fencers are still honour-bound to acknowledge all hits they receive.’
    • ‘I say to you that you are honour-bound, from the point of view of your reputation, to give that ruling.’
    • ‘One article alone brought him 300 letters from members of the public and he felt honour-bound to reply to all of them.’
    • ‘Are you then honour-bound to automatically defend your mates?’
    • ‘If your father were to insist I marry you, I would agree that I am honour-bound to do so and I would comply.’
    • ‘Placed in that situation I have felt honour-bound to reply frankly and at some length.’
    • ‘It's hard work, and frustrating, to try and keep such students in the loop, but it's something I feel honour-bound to do.’
    • ‘Just because you hate the shirt your auntie gave you, it does not mean the shop is honour-bound to take it back.’
    • ‘We have a strict code of ethics which we are honor-bound to follow.’
    • ‘Our partnership has rules that we are both honor-bound to follow.’
    • ‘He contended that, as a loyal servant of the crown, he had been honor-bound to rid the country of a detestable tyrant who had perverted French royal institutions.’
    • ‘Since he was vaguely right, I now feel honor-bound to apologize to my buddy, here on a weblog that I'm certain he'll never see.’
    • ‘I told them I considered myself honor-bound by what I had said to the sergeant that night, and would not transmit anything without his agreement.’
    • ‘I feel honor-bound to correct the attribution from this day forward when I pass it on.’
    • ‘If he possessed evidence of wrongdoing, he was honor-bound to take that to a grand jury and secure an indictment.’
    • ‘In a period when even small-scale collectors often felt honor-bound to lend paintings to public exhibitions, period exhibition records document almost no collecting activity by any member of the Stevens family.’
    • ‘Although she wanted to marry him, she didn't want him to feel honor-bound to marry her if there was someone else he loved.’
    • ‘I am launching my book on the 25th and I am honor-bound to Simon and Schuster not to comment on the book before that date.’
    indebted, obligated, under an obligation, obliged, bound, duty-bound, honour-bound



/ˈänərˌbound/ /ˈɑnərˌbaʊnd/