Definition of honorable mention in English:

honorable mention

Pronunciation /ˈänər(ə)bəl/ /ˈɑnər(ə)bəl/ /ˈänrəbəl ˈmen(t)SHən/ /ˈɑnrəbəl ˈmɛn(t)ʃən/


  • A commendation given to a candidate in an examination or competition who is not awarded a prize.

    ‘the project received an honorable mention in the 1991 awards’
    • ‘Two honorable mentions were awarded in this year's competition.’
    • ‘A winning prize, as well as an honorable mention will be awarded to recognize their efforts.’
    • ‘The judges also awarded several projects with honorable mentions.’
    • ‘Silver medals and honorable mentions will be awarded to the photographers with the largest number of selected works.’
    • ‘The contest drew nearly a thousand entries, of which 26 received a first prize, 29 received a second prize, and 114 received an honorable mention.’
    • ‘The jury awarded an honorable mention to two films.’
    • ‘A second essay was awarded an honorable mention and $200 by the section committee.’
    • ‘In addition, the judges may award any number of honorable mention prizes of R10,000 each.’
    • ‘After the jury chooses a $5,000 winner, a $1,500 runner-up and three honourable mentions, who will receive $500 each, all the submissions will be on display at an open house on May 7.’
    • ‘Leo Thomson, Miriam Archer and Helen Power received honourable mentions for their entries.’
    • ‘Several other North Shore students also received honourable mentions for their poster entries.’
    • ‘The organizing committee also awarded 68 students with an honorable mention.’
    • ‘For this work she received an honourable mention.’
    • ‘It was impressive how well he coped, and although he didn't make it to Cheltenham he received an honourable mention.’
    • ‘Receiving honorable mentions were clarinetist George Bailey, 18; marimbist Simon Bowes, 23; and pianist Jessica McDonald, 17.’
    • ‘Artists who received $6,500 honorable mentions are Ian French, Niamh O'Reilly and Roger Houghton.’
    • ‘Dave Parkinson was named man of the match with honourable mentions going to Morris and Chris Barrow.’
    thanks, gratitude, appreciation, praise, commendation, credit, recognition, regard, respect


honorable mention

/ˈänər(ə)bəl/ /ˈɑnər(ə)bəl/ /ˈänrəbəl ˈmen(t)SHən/ /ˈɑnrəbəl ˈmɛn(t)ʃən/